David Jean Thomas


The Soloist (2009)
as Angry Homeless Man
God's Ears (2008)
as Dutch
Cornered! (2008)
as Jacko
The Minis (2008)
as Game Announcer
Retrograde (2004)
as Jefferson
The Drone Virus (2004)
as Dr. Caine
A Night In Compton (2004)
as Mr. Bell
Straight From the Heart (2003)
as Jesse Syms
Backflash (2002)
as Mr. Jones
Sexual Predator (2001)
as Judge
Tha Eastsidaz (2000)
as Double O.G.
Fight Club (1999)
as Policeman
Dark Nova (1999)
as Jasper
Aurora (1998)
as Vincent
The Advanced Guard (1998)
as Cop 1
Buffalo Soldiers (1997)
as Cpl. Roseman Lloyd
The Other Woman (1995)
as Gas Station Owner
Tornado Run (1995)
as John Sherman
Wish Me Luck (1995)
as Dr. Riddle
A.P.E.X. (1994)
as Dr. Elgin

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