Genres: Drama Fantasy Romance

Synopsis Of Fallen

Lucinda Price is sent to a reform academy under the assumption that she has killed a boy. There, she meets two mysterious boys, Cam and Daniel, to whom she feels drawn to both. But as the love triangle unfurls, it is Daniel that Luce cannot keep herself away from, and things begin to take a darker turn when she finds out his true identity.

Release Date: November 10, 2016

Directors: Scott Hicks

Duration: 01:31:00

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  •   Credits


    cover Addison Timlin
    Lucinda Price
    cover Jeremy Irvine
    Daniel Grigori
    cover Harrison Gilbertson
    Cam Briel
    cover Daisy Head
    Arriane Alter
    cover Lola Kirke
    Penn Van-Syckle Lockwood
    cover Hermione Corfield
    Gabrielle Givens
    cover Malachi Kirby
    Roland Sparks
    cover Sianoa Smit-McPhee
    Molly Zane
    cover Joely Richardson
    Ms Sophia Bliss
    cover Juliet Aubrey
    Doreen Price
    cover Elliot Levey
    Ethan Watkins
    cover Matt Devere
    cover David Schaal
    cover Richard Ryan
    cover Norma Kuhling
    cover Leo Suter
    cover Chris Ashby
    Todd Hammond
    cover Paul Slack
    Harry Price
    cover Auguszta Tóth
    Todd's Mother
    cover Rick Lipton
    Detective (voice)


    cover Scott Hicks
    Detective (voice)
    cover Nichole Millard
    Detective (voice)
    cover Kathryn Price
    Detective (voice)
    cover Claudia Bluemhuber
    Detective (voice)
    cover Mark Ciardi
    Detective (voice)
    cover Gordon Gray
    Detective (voice)
    cover Kerry Heysen
    Detective (voice)
    cover Jim Seibel
    Detective (voice)
    cover Kevan Van Thompson
    Detective (voice)
    cover Alar Kivilo
    Detective (voice)
    cover Scott Gray
    Detective (voice)
    cover Ronna Kress
    Detective (voice)
    cover Barbara Ling
    Detective (voice)
    cover Bojana Nikitovic
    Detective (voice)
    cover Lauren Kate
    Detective (voice)
    cover Lauren Kate
    Detective (voice)
    cover Michael Arlen Ross
    Detective (voice)