Genres: Drama Action Thriller

Synopsis Of Breakdown

When his SUV breaks down on a remote Southwestern road, Jeff Taylor lets his wife, Amy, hitch a ride with a trucker to get help. When she doesn't return, Jeff fixes his SUV and tracks down the trucker -- who tells the police he's never seen Amy. Johnathan Mostow's tense thriller then follows Jeff's desperate search for his wife, which eventually uncovers a small town's murderous secret.

Release Date: May 2, 1997

Directors: Jonathan Mostow

Duration: 01:35:00

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  • Emma Jacobs September 21 2017, 18:08

    I think that for this kind of movie you need to appreciate the visual effects

  • Daniel Hollcraft September 8 2017, 19:27

    The movie was nice to watch.

  • André Bendixen September 14 2017, 11:31


  • Bell Pedersen September 3 2017, 08:40

    OMG THIS is JUST AWESOME! You guys have all the latest releases. Many many thanks

  • Anne-Kathrine September 2 2017, 03:24

    just one word... excellent!!!


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  •   Credits


    cover Kurt Russell
    Jeffrey " Jeff " Taylor
    cover J. T. Walsh
    Warren " Red " Barr
    cover Kathleen Quinlan
    Amy Taylor
    cover M.C. Gainey
    cover Jack Noseworthy
    cover Rex Linn
    Sheriff Boyd
    cover Ritch Brinkley
    cover Moira Harris
    Arleen Bar
    cover Kim Robillard
    Deputy Len Carver
    cover Thomas Kopache
    cover Jack McGee
    Bartender at Belle's Diner
    cover Vincent Berry
    Deke Barr, Red's Son
    cover Helen Duffy
    cover Ancel Cook
    Barfly at Belle's Diner
    cover Gene Hartline
    Tow Truck Driver


    cover Jonathan Mostow
    Tow Truck Driver
    cover Jonathan Mostow
    Tow Truck Driver
    cover Dino De Laurentiis
    Tow Truck Driver
    cover Basil Poledouris
    Tow Truck Driver
    cover Douglas Milsome
    Tow Truck Driver
    cover Kevin Stitt
    Tow Truck Driver
    cover Martha De Laurentiis
    Tow Truck Driver
    cover Terry Dresbach
    Tow Truck Driver
    cover Derek Brechin
    Tow Truck Driver
    cover Carol Lewis
    Tow Truck Driver
    cover Peg Cummings
    Tow Truck Driver
    cover Victoria Paul
    Tow Truck Driver
    cover Sam Montgomery
    Tow Truck Driver
    cover Lee Mayman
    Tow Truck Driver
    cover Harry Colomby
    Tow Truck Driver
    cover Jonathan Fernandez
    Tow Truck Driver