Genres: Drama History

Synopsis Of Caravaggio

As influential Italian artist Caravaggio dies in exile in 1610, he recalls his short life, from his childhood to his initial artistic failures to his later triumphs as he catches the eye of a sympathetic cardinal to his destructive relationship with a dashing gambler.

Release Date: August 29, 1986

Directors: Derek Jarman

Duration: 01:33:00

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  • Tone Benjaminsen August 24 2017, 08:15

    Hope this video lives up to the all the hype.

  • Anne-Kathrine September 9 2017, 03:24

    just one word... excellent!!!

  • Sissy Ulrich September 20 2017, 04:01

    Video quality is absolutly awesome!

  • Patrick Brücker September 18 2017, 07:03

    What a Nice Movie . THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR UPLOADING THIS Movie.... Great Service

  • Daniel Hollcraft September 7 2017, 19:27

    The movie was nice to watch.


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    cover Nigel Terry
    cover Tilda Swinton
    cover Sean Bean
    cover Spencer Leigh
    cover Robbie Coltrane
    Scipione Borghese
    cover Michael Gough
    Cardinal Del Monte
    cover Garry Cooper
    cover Dexter Fletcher
    Young Caravaggio
    cover Nigel Davenport
    cover Dawn Archibald
    cover Jack Birkett
    The Pope
    cover Vernon Dobtcheff
    Art Lover
    cover Jonathan Hyde
    cover Zohra Sehgal
    Jerusaleme's Grandmother
    cover Simon Fisher-Turner
    Fra Filippo
    cover Lol Coxhill
    Old Priest
    cover Sadie Corre
    Princess Colonna
    cover Terry Downes
    cover John Rogan
    Vatican Official
    cover Derek Jarman
    Papal Aide


    cover Sandy Powell
    Papal Aide
    cover Gabriel Beristain
    Papal Aide
    cover George Akers
    Papal Aide
    cover Sarah Radclyffe
    Papal Aide
    cover Simon Fisher-Turner
    Papal Aide
    cover Derek Jarman
    Papal Aide
    cover Derek Jarman
    Papal Aide
    cover Nicholas Ward Jackson
    Papal Aide
    cover Colin MacCabe
    Papal Aide
    cover James Mackay
    Papal Aide