10 to Midnight


Genres: Horror Crime Thriller Drama

Synopsis Of 10 to Midnight

Based on the real-life Richard Speck murders, amoral, nearly psychotic killer Warren Stacey (Gene Davis) is a serial killer who has murdered a number of women; he stabs them while they are naked to minimize leaving any physical evidence. Police detective Leo Kessler (Charles Bronson) is convinced of Stacey’s guilt and, over the objections of his partner, plants evidence to get him behind bars. When Stacey is released on a technicality, he threatens to go after Kessler and his family, leaving Kessler to defend himself against a killer with little help from the police.

Release Date: March 11, 1983

Directors: J. Lee Thompson

Duration: 01:41:00

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  •   Credits


    cover Charles Bronson
    Leo Kessler
    cover Lisa Eilbacher
    Laurie Kessler
    cover Andrew Stevens
    Paul McAnn
    cover Geoffrey Lewis
    Dave Dante
    cover Gene Davis
    Warren Stacy
    cover Wilford Brimley
    Captain Malone
    cover Robert F. Lyons
    Nathan Zager
    cover Sydna Scott
    Mrs. Johnson
    cover Bert Williams
    Mr. Johnson
    cover Iva Lane
    cover Ola Ray
    cover Kelly Preston
    Doreen (as Kelly Palzis)
    cover Cosie Costa
    cover Paul McCallum
    Lab Technician
    cover Jeana Keough
    Karen (as Jeana Tomasina)
    cover June Gilbert
    cover Arthur Hansel
    cover Sam Chew Jr.
    cover Katrina Parish
    cover Shawn Schepps
    cover Barbara Pilavin
    Mrs. Byrd
    cover Beau Billingslea
    Desk Sergeant
    cover Breck Costin
    Tim Bailey
    cover Carmen Filpi
    Hotel Clerk
    cover Deran Sarafian
    Dale Anders
    cover Jeane Manson
    cover Anne Lockhart
    Murder Victim (uncredited)


    cover Adam Greenberg
    Murder Victim (uncredited)
    cover William Roberts
    Murder Victim (uncredited)
    cover J. Lee Thompson
    Murder Victim (uncredited)
    cover J. Lee Thompson
    Murder Victim (uncredited)
    cover Menahem Golan
    Murder Victim (uncredited)
    cover Yoram Globus
    Murder Victim (uncredited)
    cover Lance Hool
    Murder Victim (uncredited)
    cover Peter Lee-Thompson
    Murder Victim (uncredited)
    cover Robert O. Ragland
    Murder Victim (uncredited)
    cover John Crowther
    Murder Victim (uncredited)
    cover Pancho Kohner
    Murder Victim (uncredited)
    cover Jim Freiburger
    Murder Victim (uncredited)